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About us


Antonia's House Cleaning Services is a new, up and coming company started by my wonderful mother, Antonia. I am Irene, her daughter who is helping her navigate the scary waters that is online business. My mother has been cleaning houses with a friend of hers who recruited her for the job about 20 something years ago. 


She has now branched off on her own, chasing her dream of owning her very own cleaning business. Her dream was America itself, only ever wanting to come here and contribute to its economy. She is here now, doing it, and I am so very proud of her. My mother is a very real success story, persevering through the many obstacles put in her way and only ever wanting to give my family and I just a chance at having a better quality of life. She figured she needed her very own thriving, well-reviewed business.  

And that's how this idea was born! 


Clean Homes


Professional Staffers


Happy Clients


Years in Business

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