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Man Vacuuming

Basic Home Cleaning 

Included in the Basic Home Cleaning service is as follow: Dusting, bathrooms, baseboards, bedrooms, vacuuming + mopping, *kitchen, living rooms, laundry rooms, and stairs. 


*Disclosure: Not included with kitchen; Inside refrigerator, inside oven, and cabinets. These are add-ons and can be included at an extra cost.  

Deep Cleaning

Includes ALL of "Basic Home Cleaning" service, plus: windows (only on the inside), fans, doors, and plastic/wood blinds. You can also choose to add our kitchen add-ons. We are also willing to do anything extra you need like throwing in a load of laundry for you or washing some leftover dishes! 


Move-in Move-out Cleaning

Includes ALL of "Basic Home Cleaning" service, and you can choose to add any add-ons for the kitchen, or from our "Deep Cleaning" service. These can also be combined. 

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