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  • How do you figure out what price to charge?
    We will always take into consideration the condition of the house, if it needs a little bit more of a deeper cleaning, we will only charge higher the first time and you will be charged less after if you choose to continue booking with us. Pets are also taken into consideration. We will always try to be as flexible and reasonable as possible with what we charge. Add-ons like windows, folding laundry, dish washing, refrigerator clean-out, or anything that isn't included with our basic home cleaning session, will be an extra charge.
  • What kind of cleaning supplies do you use?
    We use Clorox Clean-Up to disinfect, Windex for glass/mirror items, Murphy brand for wood floors, degreaser, Mr. Clean for floors, cleaning vinegar, Pledge Furniture Polish, and stainless-steel spray for your stainless-steel fridges and appliances. We use clean towels each and every time for different sections of the house and will NEVER use a towel we used in your bathroom, in your kitchen. We can also use the clients' cleaning supplies if they prefer to have their own used in their home.

Billing & Pricing

Payments Accepted

We accept cash and check. Prefer cash if possible. 

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel your service for ANY reason, please let us know (if possible, if it's not its okay!) TWO days in advance. Otherwise, there is no problem on our end, and you will NOT be penalized. (NO contracts! Remember?) 

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't find everything to your satisfaction, please let us know personally so we can come up with a solution together to make sure you are completely happy with your service, and that you get your money's worth! 

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